Summer Worship Service time 9:30

Mt Olive Pantry Hours Starting September:

Welcome to Advancing Opportunities this Summer

February 13 at 7:30 pm

Knitting Group, every Wednesday at 1:30 pm

Our knitting group makes scarves for Seaman’s Institute, blankets and hats for hospital ministries, and prayer shawls for the sick. We knit and crochet, and are excited to help beginners join us with their talents. We gather every Wednesday for conversation as we create our offerings of God’s love to the world. As St James’…

Is it okay to say Lent was “wonderful”?

I can’t help but say we had a wonderful, life-giving, and joyous Lenten program this season, focused on discerning our own personalities and studying personalities in the Bible. We covered some big ones – in new ways…like Moses, Elijah, Jeremiah, Martha and Mary. We also reviewed the personalities of the disciples and decided which ones…