Jonah and the Whale at AGC

We had Jonah’s whale visit for our Jonah and the Whale theme at All God’s Children. (aka: giant whale pool toy…)

The kids were loving jumping on the whale, but Pastor Sonia thought it was safest to take over as chief whale-rider for the circle time to tell the story about how Jonah learned to follow God’s Word. All the children called out to help Jonah make good decisions – sometimes he listened to God and sometimes he didn’t…but in the end after getting thrown up (covered with whale slime!) on the beach, he decided he’d better make the decision to follow God’s love and tell his enemies in Nineveh how much God loved them too!

All the kids gathered close – they really like this visit from their new whale friend! (and were happy to jump on him again when


Pastor Sonia finally gave up her turn…) Brandon also led us in our joyful noise, swimming a whale down the center aisle with his mom. And our Sunday School teacher Debbie made some awesome whale cupcakes!

Jonah side

AGC circle time Jonah