Home from General Convention

It was a wonderful week hosting the Primates, Bishops and Secretaries of the Anglican Church. They were incredibly gracious and patient with the limits of being led around by us, though John and I tried to keep making jokes about our eager desire to serve them!

The Canadian Primate and Secretaries, and the Primus of Scotland

Everyone had a good sense of humor and the Primus of Scotland even declared that, as much as they tried to escape us, they understood when we subtly but insistently showed up at their shoulders, telling them where to go next!

They witnessed different aspects of our Convention, including both houses of our bicameral legislation, committees working on legislation, the meeting of the Episcopal Church Women, and a tour of local ministries in the Indianapolis area.


Primate and Bishop of Brazil. Brazilia’s in the house!

Now that we have been home, we have heard of some articles and media stories all about the controversies or excesses of the Episcopal Church. The real work was a  lot less dramatic – we are facing a long conversation at all levels about structure and budget. We are also facing related questions about what does renewal and evangelism look like in the church and how does it interact with tradition.

These question challenge every level of the church, as we are called to imagine what opportunities Jesus will give us to serve Him in the future. We could say that there is a crisis. But of course, we could say that there is an opportunity to find new and exciting ways to serve.

Being at General Convention in the role of hospitality was really a blessing and a privilege. I saw that, whatever the challenges might be, good people were all over the world, wanting the best for the manifestation of God’s Spirit in this Church. I was also reminded of how blessed I am to be a part of a local parish that loves Jesus, is excited to enter into the ministry Jesus has given us, and is committed to make our church a place where people can find the love and healing of Jesus.

Now that I think of it, it is a blessing that Christ Church never talks in terms of lack, or crisis. Everyone seems too busy waiting to see what Jesus will do next! As our Junior Warden, Ralph Robinson, said – we have been entrusted by God. With our church, with our ministry, with all the ways Jesus loves us. What a great gift!