Community Life

One of the ways we proclaim God is by creating a joyful, friendly and warm church community.

By gathering for community events and fellowship, we deepen our relationship with each other, allowing us to be more supportive to each other in times of need, and more encouraging in our Christian life as we seek to grow in the knowledge and love of God together. We share our joy, we share our work in ministry, and we then open our hearts to greet newcomers and visitors…because we have something exciting to share with them!

Christ Church has an active men’s group, where up to 20 members participate in sports events, and care for the church. We have a daytime women’s group that gathers to share their walk of faith. We also have a very active hospitality ministry, where we plan parties, celebrations and activities for the whole parish. We have seasonal activities, such as house Eucharists, adult formation opportunities, potluck dinners and summer BBQ’s. If there is an excuse to celebrate, you’ll find us gathered to share the joy with each other!











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