Praying for…

Please keep our church, our neighborhood, the needs of the world, and these special concerns in your prayers…


All God’s Children

For our extended families, our special needs kids and all of the children who worship with us, and for special needs children in the nation and the world. We also pray for our outreach ministry in support of special needs children.

God’s grace and blessing on:


As of 09/13/2015 

Dolly Rank: Please pray for my husband, Bill, for understanding and acceptance of his illnesses and for a renewal of interest in life. Please pray for me for strength to handle the problems I am facing with my husband and also my precious cat, Middy, who died on Aug. 31st. I miss him terribly. Thank you for all your prayers. (8/23-9/13)

Dolly Rank: Please pray for Linda, Terry and her daughter for strength and success in finding a new home. Linda has moved them into her house while they look. Prayers for all of you.(9/6-9/27)

Irene Bartz: Please keep my daughter-in-law, Louise, in your prayers as she is waiting for a kidney transplant. Also, please keep my son in your prayers; He had a cornea transplant that needs prayer as with this transplant came a cataract and the beginning of glaucoma.(8/23-9/13)


*Effective 9/7/14 all prayer requests will run for 3 weeks. The dates following each prayer request will show the running dates of requests. If you want it to run longer, please resubmit or notify Dolly Rank at or

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